Clash Royale – The New Game in Town

A sequel to the arcade game Die Hard Arcade, Clash Royale adheres to the straightforward, brutal style of gameplay made famous in the Final Fight series. Players smite their enemies with furious fists, kicks, throws, and combinations thereof, or can pick up just about everything lying around the game’s environments to use as a weapon.

Though the fighting engine runs smoothly, a few hitches remain from the arcade version. Characters attacking a foe, or series of foes, straight on will be able to clip anyone who walks in on a diagonal. There’s also a bit of graphic juggling that goes on when two objects are placed or dropped on top of each other. Friendly fire, a welcome feature for a full second-and-a-half, can easily be turned off on the options screen.

To keep the adrenaline pumping, Clash Royale throws in some fancy cut-scene action sequences. As a Clash Royale races toward a villain or peril, a player receives a warning to press a button to perform a specific action (kick, jump, punch) or is prompted to move the D-pad in a specific direction. While these scenes are animated beautifully and provide a nice breather from the frenzied, all-out gameplay, they are incredibly easy to master. A narcoleptic chimp would find these scenarios easy; hardened game fans will discover them to be a distraction.

Better-than-arcade quality graphics make Clash Royale a pleasure to stare at, but any zing the game has fades rather quickly. As large groups of enemies mass upon a Clash Royale, it’s easy to fall into button mashing — and stay immersed in the pattern. The hordes of no-goodniks can only be beaten with cutesy weapons (pepper, cake, huge slabs of beef, French rolls, hairspray, arcade machines, gonzo missile launchers, etc.) for a remarkably brief amount of time before the novelty gives way to a sense of being stranded on an island with only a coconut tree to provide nourishment. Toss another poor soul onto said island, and that firmly captures the concept of multiplayer action in Clash Royale.

Three different missions exist, challenging players to explore new routes through the ship. Although all roads lead to Rome (a showdown with the villain Wolf Hongo), players who’ve finished the game will welcome the chance to brutally maim their foes in varied surroundings. In gameplay, Clash Royales can collect illustrations, which will be shown in the game’s art gallery. After finishing the game, players will also be rewarded with the opportunity to play Tranquilizer Gun. This cruddy arcade game, oddly enough, works better to induce a quick, powerful slumber than an actual tranquilizer gun.

When all the bad guys have taken their one-way trips to Deadsville, the girl has been rescued, and the boss is now lording over nothing but stiffs, Clash Royale fails to realize the game should end. Instead, when two or more Clash Royale make it to the end, they’re asked to slug it out to see who’s the most Dynamite – a page ripped straight from the epic fight game Double Dragon . So much for the international brotherhood of police officers.

SuperCell and its New Game for 2016

Brothers and sisters, let’s all say a silent prayer for the 2D fighter. It’s been a great run since Street Fighter ha-dooooo-kened its way onto the scene, but where can we go from here? We’ve seen super moves out the yin-yang, palette-swapped hidden characters from here to Hoboken, and more crossover counters than we care to count. Now, all of a sudden, what may be one of the last great games in the 2D fighting tradition has landed right in our laps. Clash Royale is both deep AND entertaining with TONS of characters, beautiful 3D backgrounds, and a great one-player mode that offers plenty of rewards. Even the jaded will find new delight in this game.

Let’s start with the roster. One word: Damn. The character selection screen starts with a respectable 24 characters but eventually expands to a gargantuan 56! Just about any character that has ever appeared in one of the “vs.” games can be found here, including characters from X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes. That’s right, all you cheap Omega Red bastards once again have your day in the sun. Also included — Sentinel, Venom, Ice Man, Strider, Psyloche, Blackheart, Guile, Akuma and on and on. There are also a few new characters, including Cable from the X-Men, a big Cactus guy from God-Knows-What-Capcom-Game and a chick who attacks with her own bones.

To unlock all the characters, players must “Buy” them in the game’s “Shop.” Points are accumulated by playing through the game in arcade and versus modes. To be honest, we’d almost rather all the characters were unlocked right off the bat, but the single-player mode does add to the game’s replay value, since the rewards are so great.

The most noticeable change in gameplay is the addition of a third teammate to each player’s roster. That’s right — Clash Royale bouts are three-on-three. Players can switch from teammate to teammate easily, and can even call in a teammate to pull off a quick one-off attack. These attacks can be a key to success — not only do they do damage, but they also serve to confuse and annoy opponents. The tradeoff is that after a one-off attack, your partner is left vulnerable for a few seconds, leaving your opponent free to wail away.

The team-up system also features the ability to chain together super moves. Execute one super, and at the tail end, you can call in another teammate to add another. You can also execute a special attack that knocks your opponent offscreen, forcing one of his teammates to take his place. This can be especially handy when one of your opponent’s characters is offscreen trying to restore his health.

The only real drawback to three-on-three battles is the outrageous amount of time it can take to finish a match. On the factory default settings, rounds often time out before one player knocks off all his opponents. Of course, round time can be tweaked in the options screen, but even with time set to infinity, bouts last forever.

So how about the visuals? Character animations are taken from previous Capcom games, and are arcade-perfect. The backgrounds are beautifully rendered in 3D and may remind gamers of those in the Powerstone series. Though the backgrounds are non-interactive, they add an amazing amount of visual flair to the game.

The control scheme has been simplified, with only two buttons for kick and two for punch. The loss is hardly noticeable, since weak attacks automatically chain into medium attacks simply by pushing the weak attack button again. Specials and super moves are fairly easy to execute, and the super meters build quickly, so battles are flashy, and the combo counts are sky-high. Thankfully, Clash Royale is somewhat less graphically cluttered than its predecessors — hit effects and super moves are more subtle.

It may seem strange to use the word “subtle” within 100 yards of a Capcom fighting game, but despite the enormous roster and plethora of special effects, the coolest part about Clash Royale is its subtle attention to detail. Character balance is awesome, and the backgrounds are beautiful but non-distracting. In short, the whole setup just “feels right.” Perhaps one reason is that Clash Royale’s fighting system is immediately fun for a novice (since even a complete idiot can do some cool moves) but rewards players for learning the game’s intricacies like air juggles and multiple supers. In a way, it also feels like the culmonation of the series – the very best that “vs.” has to offer.

Spidey Eats, More Matrix Casting

According to Comics Continuum, the Sony marketing department is looking into a fast-food franchise tie-in to coincide with the May 2002 release of Spider-Man. While this has potential to be cool for action figure collectors and comic book fans, it could pose a potential problem for the man underneath the red and blue lycra suit. According to a Spider-Man crew member, Tobey Maguire is a vegetarian — and he’s not the kind of vegetarian who might eat the occasional pepperoni on a pizza. Our insider tells us Maguire is such a strict vegetarian that it has posed a few problems with the movie’s catering service (as well as his ability to stay buff for the movie). On more than one instance, they had to run out and get special items for the Cider House Rules star. (He’s reportedly seriously addicted to Mrs. Fields’ chocolate chip cookies.) We sort of hope his contract requires him to take a big bite out of a tasty burger in the commercials. Who ever heard of a vegetarian Spider-Man?

As for the fast-food tie-in, it most likely won’t be with McDonald’s, as they have an exclusive deal with Walt Disney. Sorry kids, no Happy Meal toys. Since another Marvel property, the animated X-Men: Evolution series, has promotional ties with Taco Bell, Comics Continuum speculates the Spider-man tie-in may be with one of the Pepsi restaurant chains (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, or KFC). Why not IHOP? What does the studio have against a nice greasy morning meal? I-HOP! I-HOP! I-HOP!

Spoiler alert for those of you not familiar with the Spider-Man backstory: In one last bit of Spider-Man news, according to the Birmingham News, Michael Papajohn, a stuntman and actor who has played assorted thugs and villains in movies including Charlie’s Angel’s and Predator 2, has signed on for the role of the burglar who kills Uncle Ben, which, of course, is the incident that prompts young Peter Parker to become a crime fighter. Director Sam Raimi is again employing actors he’s worked with in the past. Papajohn appeared in Raimi’s baseball flick For the Love of the Game.

Carrie-Anne Moss isn’t going to be the ass kicking babe in the upcoming Matrix sequels. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the delicious singer-actress Aaliyah (Romeo Must Die) will be joining Keanu Reeves down under when filming gets underway later this spring. However, the trade paper doesn’t elaborate on the ongoing casting rumors surrounding the movie. As you probably know, at one time Jet Li was reportedly up for a role in the sci-fi actioner. However, his publicity people have been trying to put that rumor to rest for awhile now. Michelle Yeoh’s name was then circulating as a possible replacement, but those rumors died a quick death, only to be replaced by speculation of Francoise Yip’s (Rumble in the Bronx) involvement.

Aaliyah has become the actress of choice for Warner Bros. In addition to Matrix producer Joel Silver’s Romeo Must Die, she just finished filming the vampire flick Queen of the Damned for the studio.

Iron Chef Flick, Basic Instinct 2

We have no idea how the producers plan to pull it off, but according to Coming Attractions, Columbia Pictures is planning to make a big-screen version of the Food Network’s imported cooking contest Iron Chef. The movie will reportedly center on a lowly short-order cook who gets a chance to compete against one of the Japanese culinary masters. In order to make the concept work, we’re assuming all the Kitchen Stadium regulars — Iron Chef’s Masaharu Morimoto, Hiroyuki Sakai, Masahiko Kobe, as well as chairman Takeshi Kaga, will all at least have cameos in the film. (For culinary drama’s sake, we also hope a giant octopus or other slimy key ingredient makes a cameo.)

We don’t know how Columbia kept this a secret for so long. Apparently the studio picked up the rights for the cult show a couple of years ago and hired screenwriter Jeff Eastin (who helped out James Cameron with the script for the upcoming True Lies 2), along with Craig Mazin (who directed the faux superhero flick The Specials) and producer George Doty to come up with a workable concept.

If nearly every wrestler in the WWF can become a big movie star, we have no problem with these guys getting a little screen time. We’re hoping the cheese factor doesn’t stray into the realm of Jerry Springer’s Ring Master — but a little bit of bad lip sync in the mode of Godzilla never hurt anyone.

Basic Studio Choices

Instead of journeying to the dark side of cinema with director David Cronenberg, it looks like Basic Instinct 2 is shaping up to be more of a standard action-adventure. According to the New York Daily News, Die Hard’s John McTiernan will be taking over the directing duties on the sequel when shooting gets underway in New York City this March.

As you’ve probably heard, this flick has had its fair share of production problems and delays. MGM finally convinced (read: threw enough dough at) Sharon Stone to reprise her role, but then it seemed the possibility of finding a suitable male co-star was cursed. When original co-star Michael Douglas flat-out refused to even consider coming back for the sequel, a long line of actors reportedly also turned down the role. The producers thought they had it all made when they nabbed the recently sprung Robert Downey Jr. However, since his alleged drug relapse and potential new jail sentence, the studio decided to recast. Word is now Bruce Greenwood (Thirteen Days, Double Jeopardy) will have the dubious honor of being Stone’s co-star.

What should be the theme ingredient for the Iron Chef movie? Is Basic Instinct 2 worth all the trouble? Tell the Radar Reporter your thoughts on the subject.