Iron Chef Flick, Basic Instinct 2

We have no idea how the producers plan to pull it off, but according to Coming Attractions, Columbia Pictures is planning to make a big-screen version of the Food Network’s imported cooking contest Iron Chef. The movie will reportedly center on a lowly short-order cook who gets a chance to compete against one of the Japanese culinary masters. In order to make the concept work, we’re assuming all the Kitchen Stadium regulars — Iron Chef’s Masaharu Morimoto, Hiroyuki Sakai, Masahiko Kobe, as well as chairman Takeshi Kaga, will all at least have cameos in the film. (For culinary drama’s sake, we also hope a giant octopus or other slimy key ingredient makes a cameo.)

We don’t know how Columbia kept this a secret for so long. Apparently the studio picked up the rights for the cult show a couple of years ago and hired screenwriter Jeff Eastin (who helped out James Cameron with the script for the upcoming True Lies 2), along with Craig Mazin (who directed the faux superhero flick The Specials) and producer George Doty to come up with a workable concept.

If nearly every wrestler in the WWF can become a big movie star, we have no problem with these guys getting a little screen time. We’re hoping the cheese factor doesn’t stray into the realm of Jerry Springer’s Ring Master — but a little bit of bad lip sync in the mode of Godzilla never hurt anyone.

Basic Studio Choices

Instead of journeying to the dark side of cinema with director David Cronenberg, it looks like Basic Instinct 2 is shaping up to be more of a standard action-adventure. According to the New York Daily News, Die Hard’s John McTiernan will be taking over the directing duties on the sequel when shooting gets underway in New York City this March.

As you’ve probably heard, this flick has had its fair share of production problems and delays. MGM finally convinced (read: threw enough dough at) Sharon Stone to reprise her role, but then it seemed the possibility of finding a suitable male co-star was cursed. When original co-star Michael Douglas flat-out refused to even consider coming back for the sequel, a long line of actors reportedly also turned down the role. The producers thought they had it all made when they nabbed the recently sprung Robert Downey Jr. However, since his alleged drug relapse and potential new jail sentence, the studio decided to recast. Word is now Bruce Greenwood (Thirteen Days, Double Jeopardy) will have the dubious honor of being Stone’s co-star.

What should be the theme ingredient for the Iron Chef movie? Is Basic Instinct 2 worth all the trouble? Tell the Radar Reporter your thoughts on the subject.